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"Translation services to advance your business and maximize the value of your investment".

Lipsie Languages Translation Services - Sustainably Successful Since 2002

Lipsie Languages meets all your needs for translation, localization, modification and adaptation of any documents (e.g. hand-books, user guides, on-line helps, press releases, brochures, white papers, catalogues, business letters, financial documentations, certification procedures, contracts, legal translations, company seminars presentations, etc.), Web contents (e.g. Internet sites translations and updates, modifications, etc., by means of a straight-through translation into the html, xml, etc. formats), and multimedia products (e.g. CD-Rom, DVD, video games, Apps, etc.).

LIPSIE CERTIFICATION LABEL - An efficiently managed business process is one of the key factors in gaining the loyalty of our customers. For 5 years now, LIPSIE has been applying a procedure to coordinate and ensure the quality of its services. Our Quality label, entirely renovated in 2015, is compliant with EN 15038 standards and now features innovative, industry-specific requisites to help us choose and monitor the quality of our resources, in order to guarantee that our customers receive a high-value, cost-effective service in the minimum lead time, in line with current market demands.

With Lipsie SaS you get a service that is both personal and professional:

traduzione campione   High-quality end product tailor-made for your specific needs and target audience
traduzione campione
  Fully managed translation and editing
traduzione campione
  Extensive network of certified, native translators, interpreters, and localization expert
traduzione campione
  Original copywriting in a foreign language
traduzione campione
  Competitive translation rates
traduzione campione
  Multilingual SEO and related services
traduzione campione
  Transcreation services


   IT & Telecommunications Translation

   Finance & Economy Translation

   Legal Translation

   PR & Marketing Translation

   Industrial & Technical Translation

   Entertainment Translation

   Press & Edition Translation


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