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over 18 years experience

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Lipsie's ethical criteria

The social responsibilities (ESG) of our translation agency

We are committed to the environment, society and governance (ESG)

Our TRANSLATION agency LIPSIE pursues 4 sustainable social priorities: the environment, education, health and above all the fight against Covid-19

Lipsie - Agenzia di traduzioni sostenibili

Environment: a fair business intelligence model that generates growth

Since our creation in 2002, our business model is intrinsically based on environmental sustainability (we are pioneers of smart-working) and on creative and positive collaboration with our business partners (all our projects are economically sustainable for each stakeholder).

Health: a philanthropic philosophy with concrete actions

The social commitment of our health translation agency (as we believe that the right to health is universal) is threefold: fundraising for hospital organizations, financial gifts to organizations that help people on a daily basis, and competency-based donations for our clients working directly in the medical field.

Education: a deep and sincere interest in the education of the young and very young

Since 2009, we have been supporting UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) and also helping our clients who are active on the ground every day, both nationally and internationally. Like health, education is a universal right and it is an honor to provide non-profit translation services for audiobooks at the service of the education of young people and children in the countries most in need.

Covid-19: initiatives to fight the pandemic

The decline in activity during the first pandemic wave has allowed us to donate our professional skills to many associations (book translations, proofreading, video editing, creation of websites in collaboration with large foundations such as the Cariplo Foundation). Despite the dramatic circumstances, contributing to the success of charitable activities has been a morally enriching experience for us.

""The most beautiful human act consists in being useful to one's neighbor" (Sophocles)

The strategy and ecological footprint of our translation agency has always been to create sustainable competitive benefits for our collaborators and clients. We develop language solutions based on the principle of the circular economy because we implement scalable and sustainable translations. Everything we do has a positive social and environmental impact.

Measuring our ESG value through our ESG Charter and Code of Ethics

In 2020 our legal team drafted a Corporate Governance Code with us, which is subject to an annual update. We want to focus not only on "Profit", but equally on each of the three "PPP" (People, Planet and Profit) of the "Triple Bottom Line", since never before have we been aware of how "People" and "Planet" are as important for the value of any company that looks to a positive future and wishes to cultivate positive opinion about investors and consumers.