Distribution of books

The future of your book is in your hands. Opt for a fair circulation and the number of copies sold will exceed your expectations.

How to choose the right market for your translated book

The language you choose to translate your book into will have a huge impact on the sales you achieve. Our editorial translation agency assists you step by step in this first important sponsorship phase. It simultaneously provides you with a number of test translations in the languages ​​of the markets you wish to export to. In this way you will be able to practically prepare a test campaign on social networks to identify the language with the greatest response and start your editorial project with Lipsie. The number of languages ​​required for sponsorship on Facebook are on average 3.


After this “scrutiny”, the most successful language will be the one on which the author’s final choice will fall.

Have all of the distribution formats

For distribution in traditional hard-copy format, our translation agency provides your book in Indesign, directly ready for printing.

For electronic distribution, our multimedia experts are at your side to help you publish the editorial work on all distribution platforms (Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and others). The Lipsie Publishing service includes proofreading in popular digital formats, such as Kindle, epub and PDF.

Guaranteed linguistic interface thanks to the Lipsie Publishing service

In addition to translation, adaptation, layout and promotion, the Lipsie Publishing service also provides 3 Follow-up Packs to accompany authors in the distribution of their translated book in digital format.



of linguistic consultancy

The basic package to help authors publish their books on platforms such as Amazon, and in drafting communications in the language of the translation, on social media such as Facebook.


This Pack is provided free of charge as part of the translation service for each book.



of linguistic consultancy

Consultancy regarding the distribution of the translation of a digital book on sales platforms such as Amazon. But also SMO linguistic support to promote each editorial work on social media.

€ 89.00 + VAT at 22%



of linguistic consultancy

Linguistic consultancy on:

  • the distribution of the translation of a digital book on sales platforms such as Amazon
  • the linguistic support for promotional campaigns on social media (Facebook and others)
  • the translation of campaign reports
  • the identification and recommendation of associations, cultural circles and authors, blogs and thematic sites with the creation and management of contacts (authors, journalists, literary critics, beta readers, bloggers, etc.)
  • the linguistic support for creation of Google alerts.

€ 149.00 + VAT at 22%

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