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over 20 years experience

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Why Lipsie

LIPSIE – A translations firm aimed at each specific sector


  • European leadership

  • Twenty years of experience in the provision of coordinated linguistic services for all media

  • Quality Control

  • Competences and collaborative working

Lipsie - Agenzia di traduzioni tecniche, audiovise e editoriali

A translation firm that is a leader in Europe

Lipsie is a leading agency in the professional translation market with clients based mainly in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy (the four countries with the largest GDP in Europe). Composed of a pool of professionals specialized in the field of technical, editorial, audiovisual, financial, legal, scientific and advertising translations, Lipsie grows its client portfolio by over 150 subjects every year, obtaining its best feedback in the technical, audiovisual and editorial translation sectors.

The experience of our translation firm

Our twenty years of experience demonstrate to our prospective clients our value and reliability. For each quotation, tender or call for tenders we achieve a success rate of over 60% compared to our competitors. This result is evidenced by the number of corporations, institutions, associations and freelancers who rely on our translation services: 2,500 active clients on 31 October 2021.

Quality control of translations

The profession of translator is based on two skills: linguistic skills (the mastery of one or more languages) and technological skills (use of tools based on memory systems that assist the translation process and the subject matter specialization). H2T® methodology, the result of our commitment and professional experience, coordinates and optimizes the workflow of each translation project ensuring the quality that each client expects from us.

Direct knowledge in translation areas and collaborative teamwork between individuals and/or corporations

Thanks to the experience of our linguists in each of the three macro-areas of specialization, Lipsie is considered one of the most valid translation agencies both in France and Italy. This valuable objective knowledge together with the sharing of our different know-how represent the indisputable added value of our translation services. Lipsie translators, referenced, native speakers and organized in pools distinguished by language and branch of specialization, work by exchanging information and opinions, raising the quality of our translations. The professional background of each translator determines their employment within the agency. All linguists translate only in the field in which they are truly prepared. When technicality and formality exceed the skills of a translator, the work is passed to those who know the subject best and can clarify all grey areas (another translator, an external consultant, clients and collaborators). The Lipsie Project Manager, a trait d'union between linguists and clients, keeps the latter informed of the progress of the work and all the issues on the table. This collaborative working approach is certainly a success factor for us and our clients since it allows us to obtain excellent results even in highly complex areas (projects for engineering firms, pharmaceutical laboratories, leading high-tech corporations, etc.).