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Art and Culture Translations

At Lipsie, culture is always translation

The cultural mediation of our translations

LIPSIE is undoubtedly today a leader in translations in relation to the world of art and culture in the broadest sense. The prestige of our clients speaks volumes about how we have managed to reach and provide our consultancy in linguistic services also in these areas. The secret of our success lies in the fact that translation is not perceived as a pure linguistic activity. On the contrary, we see in it an intellectual vigor that implies choices, responsibility and cultural awareness. Over the years, analyzing this flow, we have realized that understanding and disseminating Knowledge means more than ever also deciphering and translating.

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Translations for museums and catalogs

Translation services regarding works of art data sheets for the Micro-Folie Project. It is no coincidence that one of its slogans is "works of art invite themselves to your home". #CultureChezNous #CultureACasaNostra. The Micro-Folie project aims to establish local digital museums located throughout France. The French public institution of the Parc de la Grande Halle de La Villette has created spaces of cultural democracy to allow everyone access to the works of the main museums in the world. The idea is innovative and is based on a digital museum, called Fab-Lab, which is a virtual reality space that allows visitors to put themselves in the role of spectator and creator. Our participation in this pharaonic cultural initiative, with the translation of almost a million words, is all the more relevant, since Micro-Folie has managed to bring together and mobilize 12 of the main institutions headed by the French Ministry of Cultural Heritage: the Louvre Museum, the CNAC Georges-Pompidou, the Musée du Quai Branly, the RMN-Grand Palais, the Palace of Versailles, the Picasso Museum, Universcience, the city of music-Philharmonie of Paris, the Musée d'Orsay, the Opera Nationale of Paris, the Arab World Institute and the Avignon Festival.

The Vatican Masterpieces - LIPSIE

Translations of figurative art encyclopedias

Translation of the "Treasures of Art" encyclopedia. Translation of 16 volumes of the largest hard-copy encyclopedia on art ever produced. The translation and layout of the "The great treasures of art" collection is for us an important chapter in our experience in this sector. Our collaborators, experts in figurative art translations, have produced in a few weeks over 2 million words on the most spectacular artistic treasures ever made by Mankind: from the Xiang Warriors to the Chinese Wall, passing through the mythical ruins of Machu Pichu, Nefertiti's head, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, or Frank O. Gehry's Guggenheim Museum. By leafing through the texts of this collection, thanks to our French translations we have made Francophone readers discover and better understand this exciting world that is art. By translating, we have crossed all cultures and man-made masterpieces, from prehistoric times to the present day, in different fields such as sculpture, architecture and painting.

Translation of the Vatican Masterpieces

Among all the rest, we took care of the English translation of the Vatican book “I Capolavori Edizioni Musei Vaticani” (Masterpieces Editions of the Vatican museums), a work directed by the eminent Professor Enrico Bruschini, official historian of the US embassy in Rome. The volume presents a selection of 100 masterpieces in the heart of the incomparable collections of the Vatican Museums. A journey that our expert translators in cultural background translations undertook with great interest, achieving results that have earned us the awarding of other projects, always of the highest level, such as, for example, the translation of the catalog of the Uffizi Museum in Florence.

Cultural tourism translation - Culinary art and haute cuisine

Translation is cultural for every artistic expression, even the culinary one. The art of good cuisine is based on the choice of tasty local products, expert measurement and preparation procedures, which have been handed down for centuries and have their roots in the history and culture of specific geographical areas. The master chefs sublimate this historical heritage, revisiting some aspects and creating new and daring combinations. A superfine recipe is an expression of the art of taste, which has its origins in the history and culture of a people or a specific region. Our LIPSIE translation agency has also developed a great interest in this sector, also favored by its Franco-Italian bivalence. In fact, there is no doubt that the Italian and French culinary art are among the most renowned and exquisite in the world. The translation services mainly requested concern menus, chef recipes, labels and descriptions of preserved products, brochures of starred restaurants, sector websites, but also important publications on haute cuisine produced for the multinational luxury product LVMH or specific books. on how to make appetizers and verrine for the equally prestigious French traiteur Fauchon.

Food and wine and cultural tourism translations

The art of translating and translating is art. This witty axiom leads us to consider how tourism translations can in turn tighten a legal strait with food and wine, culture and art. It is now clear to operators and visitors that food and wine tourism is an original aspect of cultural tourism. Tourists experience their leisure time by researching and tasting local food and combining it with the culture of the place. They therefore come into contact with new traditions, participating in cultural events and shows. Last, but not least, LIPSIE provides an adequate linguistic response to this type of need as well. The translation services in question deal with texts relating to local festivals, festivals and markets, guides to regional food and wine, publications on food and territory, and manuals for cultural food and wine tourists.

Translations for Haute Couture as an encounter between art and culture

The demonstration of multilingualism and multiculturalism factors in every cultural and social system has led to the recognition of translation and its implications in the wider cultural sphere. Since fashion is an expression of art and culture, Leipzig did not miss the opportunity to specialize also in the texts to be translated related to this precious export item of its main markets: the French and Italian market. We translate Fact Sheets, Workbooks, labels, catalogs and models for the big names in Fashion. But also press releases, even very urgent ones for important events such as the opening of new boutiques in the great fashion capitals.