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Lipsie Publishing Services: When the layout of a book becomes a true strong point for the author …

How can you develop the layout of your manuscript for free and professionally?

Do you not wish to handle the layout of your book?

If you do not want to handle the layout yourself, our graphics team is at your disposal to insert your manuscript in InDesign format which will generate an eBook version in .epub format and a hard-copy version ready to be printed. We have developed the eLIP application in-house, which will allow you to obtain a personalised layout service at the lowest possible cost. In addition to the translation, the Lipsie Publishing service includes the layout of the new language version of your work. Lipsie’s multimedia staff has developed an in-house application called eLIP that allows you to automatically generate, starting from a Word file, the eBook of the translation of a book in epub, Kindle and PDF formats. First of all, you will receive a preformatted Word document in which you will have to insert the texts of your book. This will be the working document used by the Lipsie editorial translator and the corresponding eBook will be automatically generated from it using our eLIP application. This preformatted file is enhanced with the following features:
  • Customisation of the eBook cover, including the translation of the title
  • Management of internal and external links thanks to the Bookmark and Link functions of Word
  • Possibility of creating different customised styles using Word, allowing the generation of each element of the book to be translated (title of chapters, sub-chapters, body of text, social media information, disclaimer, thanks, and more)
  • Management of legal citations in the translation language
  • Insertion of links directly on social networks
  • One hour of free assistance with one of our multimedia experts to help you format the Word file in which the translation of your book will be inserted.
  • Customising of the table of contents according to the following elements:
    • Disclaimer
    • Copyright
    • The author
    • By the same author
    • Social media
    • Dedication
    • Prologue
    • Chapter 1
    • Sub-chapter 1.1 – 1.2 – 1.3 and so on …
    • Chapter 2
    • Sub-chapter 2.1 – 2.2 – 2.3 and so on …
    • Chapter 3
    • The same as above
    • Epilogue
    • Thanks

Linguistic interface guaranteed thanks to the Lipsie Publishing service

In addition to translation, adaptation, layout and promotion, the Lipsie Publishing service also provides 3 Follow-up Packs to aid authors in the distribution of their books in digital tradot.


Customised layout of the translation

Hard-copy or digital

Our multimedia staff is available to recommend and integrate more specific functions in your translated eBook: the management of notes, analytical indexes, indexes of figures and captions, cross references, sources, chronological tables, and more.

Translating, producing the layout, publishing and distributing a book has never been so easy if you entrust us at Lipsie Publishing.

Our translation agency provides customised solution at reduced costs for all requirements, so that layout is never again a critical point for the publication of your translations.

From 49.00 + VAT at 22%

Cover creation and adaptation

Before launching any campaign to promote and distribute your book in a new language, the following objectives must be achieved:

  • The creation of quality content

  • Performing a translation of value

  • Choosing an attractive cover.

Not forgetting, however, that the translation of the title and the choice of graphics for the cover play a key role in the success of an editorial and literary work.

The Lipsie Publishing service also includes consultancy on the cover graphics of your book (which can often vary in the different versions compared to the original one), so that each visual element is suitable for the taste of the relevant market.

In addition to translators, editors and multimedia experts, our editorial staff has an Art Director who can advise you on the settings for your new covers.

From 49.00 + VAT at 22%

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