Promoting the translation of your books on Social Networks


Among social media, Facebook is the most generalist, because it involves many types of users, without a specific connotation. Open a personal page as an author and use it to share your thoughts or links to topics that interest you. You can also share quotations from your work and keep your readers up to date on any book presentations, interviews or blog posts from other authors. Post in English and you will increase your chances of being read. If you have difficulty, we have a specialist native speaker to translate your posts.


Twitter is perfect for anyone who loves books. Because the hashtag allows you to immediately identify a topic or an author. Develop your account professionally, yet with a fresh look, by posting tweets about your life, books or worldview. We can help you create a social media strategy that relies on the correct use of hashtags to reach your audience immediately. Everything is always translated into English and into the main foreign languages, we will never tire of repeating this.


Among the social networks, LinkedIn is the most professional, and it allows you to create a network in the publishing sector, coming into contact with people who are interested in books or whose careers are based on books. But there’s more. On the personal profile page, you can add your book under the heading “publications” where you can explain the content of your book and recount its development. You can also use this social network to publish articles on the topics that interest you most, preferably written by you and translated with the help of our editorial translators.


Social media has ideal places to spark discussions on many topics. Your post, if written and articulated wisely, can attract the attention of many users who will inevitably also be interested in the same things as you and what you write about. Don’t be afraid to cover controversial topics as well, those that can divide an audience, but will certainly increase your visibility and the number of comments. We can help you translate your content and make it interesting in the major foreign languages.


To expand your network and create a community, it is important not to become introverted. The risk is becoming self-referential and not opening up to new ideas. Sharing interesting posts from other writers or readers is essential to attract the interest and approval of others. Many will begin to follow you if they notice that you have an open and curious attitude. And this will also contribute to a higher circulation of your book as soon as it has been submitted to an accurate editorial translation service.

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