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A voice actor is an actor engaged in a dubbing activity, but nevertheless an actor. You can’t do dubbing if you’re not an actor.

— Angelo Nicotra Italian actor, voice actor and dialoguer

Translations for dubbing in Lip-Sync and Simil-Sync

Lipsie Entertainment masterfully knows the techniques and secrets of the voice actor profession and for 18 years has been providing its clients with linguistic services for dubbing in Lip-Sync, Oversound and Simil-Sync. Film and television recording studios systematically entrust us with a large number of episodes. For our experienced dubbing staff, made up of translators, reviewers and adapters, the workflow is certainly constant and complex.


As with subtitling, the Lip-Sync and Simil-Sync dubbing service can also start from a transcription. It represents the basis on which to elaborate all of the spoken content, the first step to transform an original audio-visual product into an international audio-visual product. Transcription must be carried out with care because the work of many professionals depends on its quality.

Transcription for dubbing in Lip-Sync and Simil-Sync

In addition to the basic transcription performed without editing, Lipsie provides a transcription service with editing, proposed in Lip-Sync and Simil-Sync translations. It includes a grammar check of the characters’ dialogues, the insertion of punctuation, the separation and recognition of the speakers, the control of acronyms, the verification of technical terminology, the localization of names in other languages and the adaptation of the text so that it is more enjoyable and fluent. We propose above all the transcription Verbatim. This is the most complete type and includes, in addition to editing, also the insertion of pauses, interjections, repetitions and even pending sentences.


If the transcription has already been performed, the preliminary phase of a Lip-Sync and Simil-Sync dubbing project is based on the reception of these elements: an example of a script, a dialogue list, a showguide, a KNP (keynames and phrases, with master glossary function), a video and a final script. At a formal level, the script must be set following some rules that allow the use of an automatic row counting program.

Simil-sync translations and adaptation

The breakdown into rings/scenes (AN. 1, AN. 2 etc.) of the scripts is an aspect that the recording studios normally deal with, but for some projects in Simil-Sync, such as reality show programmes for the broadcaster Sky, it was the Lipsie Entertainment team that dealt with it.


We prefer to talk to you directly about our projects. We believe that a concrete example conveys the value of our services better than any other discourse. By way of example, for the broadcaster SKY we edited the translation into Simil-Sync of Celebrated (consisting of 104 documentaries of 22 minutes each). These are biographies that tell the story of the most famous Hollywood stars, thanks to the contribution of interviews and totally new material. Everything was taken care of down to the smallest detail. For the myriad of nominated films we show the Italian title.


Examples of guidelines for this Simil-Sync processing:

Lip-Sync translation and adaptation services

For example, for Netflix we manage the translation into Lip-Sync of TV series consisting of 4 seasons divided and organised as follows: S.1 of 11 episodes of 70′, S.2 of 13 episodes of 70′, S.3 of 8 episodes of 50′ and S.4 of 8 episodes of 50′. The dubbing studio needs to receive at least 4/5 translated episodes per week, based on the materials made available to us by Netflix.


The translation and adaptation of scripts in Lip-Sync require both a complete knowledge of all the elements inherent in the project (dialogue list, showguides, KNP), and a perfect ability to execute.

Our expert lip-sync translators

Translators experienced in lip synchronization services have an active temperament that allow them to be quick to grasp the linguistic nuances and to reproduce them in the lip movement of the actor. But it must be equally reflective, since it evaluates all the clues scattered in the texts. Finally, it is endowed with a selective spirit to choose and consistently exploit only the essential information. In our team experienced in Lip-Sync translations, we only use professionals who have these three characteristics.

Lip-Sync and Simil-Sync translation services: integrated expertise in a single source

To our clients, consisting of film and television companies, directors and recording studios, we provide the following range of services:

Adaptation followed by translation


This is an adequate service for products such as unique works in which feature films, TV movies, scripts, repertoire or editing footage, miniseries, home video films, multimedia works in synch, short films, advertising trailers, etc. are present.

Adaptation followed by translation


Instead, it is preferable for serial audio-visual products such as TV shows (even just for home video), sitcoms, and sync documentaries.

Video Game Localization

The recommended dubbing can be in both Lip-Sync and Simil-Sync.

Tool to structure a script

These rules are collected in a useful compendium called The Ruler. It is in fact an application created specifically for the world of dubbing (Simil-Sync and Lip-Sync). With this very simple tool, counting the lines of a script and conceiving a worksheet on Excel takes only a few seconds. Installed on a PC, the Ruler only needs the Microsoft Office suite. For its interesting applications we refer you to an article that explains its features more analytically.

Multilingual dubbing

Our script translation services in Lip-Sync are provided from different languages (generally English) into any language (Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc.).

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