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Lipsie has discovered another useful tool that helps translators, speakers, voice actors and other professionals in the world of Publishing and Audio-visual resolve complicated problems. These are three free resources that the Italian voice actor and speaker, Antonio Tagliabue, has designed for those who have to deal on a daily basis with duration calculations, schedule conversions and perfect diction.

Three tools for translators expert in publishing and audio-visual and beyond

These functionalities convert all schedules in one click, exchanging characters into folders, pages, words, minutes, and vice versa.

The fees converter simplifies the calculations of those who, as a matter of urgency, need to submit a quotation, in a unit of measurement different from their normal use.

Knowing the number of folders, calculating how many pages, words or characters correspond to, and the reverse.

Once you have inserted a text, define its duration in h/min./sec. and calculate the number of folders, characters, words, pages.

Each of the 3 functionalities use the algorithms of the Dictionary (, a tool that inserts accents on each word, very useful for speakers and voice actors.

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