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and we adapt subtitles, scripts, scripts for dubbing and voice-over.

The linguistic passion for the audio-visual world has distinguished the Lipsie Agency since it was established. The subtitling, dubbing and translation of screenplays and other texts related to the cine-television and theatrical scene, have always been at the centre of our interest and our work.


Lipsie took its first steps in 2002 and this year, having “come of age”, it wishes to celebrate, with this Blog, one of its first loves ever: Translation in the Entertainment Area.


Working closely with Italian and French film production companies and larger US film studios, our enthusiasm for translation and adaptation work never fails. For the dubbing sector, our clients are the dubbing and film and television post-production companies, to whom we provide our Simil and Lip-Sync translation services of TV series and films produced by Netflix.

In the activity of subtitling, the sectors are truly endless. We can subtitle videos, films, documentaries with the most fascinating topics such as fashion, music and plastic arts, but also corporate films with a purely technical and industrial content.






LIPSIE projects

Examples of audio-visual translation projects carried out by Lipsie

Project: lip-sync dubbing
Type: TV Series
Production: The Crown S3

Project: script translation
Type: Animated Series
Production: Winx Club – all seasons

Project: scenario translation
Type: TV Series
Production: Commissario Montalbano S12 and S13

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Translations of the press kits of Walt Disney animated short films through the agency PR Weber Shandwick

In November 2002 we started translating press kits related to Disney feature films: Lilo & Stitch, Treasure Planet, Koda, Brother Bear, Chicken Little, The Princess and the Frog, Rapunzel –Tower of Terror, etc.


Rainbow Linguistic Partner - Winx Club

Since 2005, our experienced team in audio-visual translation has been translating all the scripts of the different seasons of the Winx Club cartoon. But not only that, we translate other animated series: Royal Academy, Huntik – Secrets & Seekers, etc.


Script translations for documentary films by Sydonia Entertainment

Translations of Docufiction scripts for the following networks: Discovery Channel, The History Channel, RAI and ARTE


Working with The Walt Disney Company

Since 2011, translation into various languages for the promotion of film productions (press releases, synopsis, press kits, etc.).


Translations of the scripts of the Celebrated documentary series produced by Sky

Translation adaptation in synch of 60 feature films on the lives of the greatest Hollywood stars, with interviews and unpublished material.


Translations for the Palomar film and television production company

We have become the linguistic partners of one of the main fiction producers of RAI and mediaset.


Lip Dubbing - Netflix Productions

Lip-sync of the following Netflix productions: La Trinchera Infinita Film, Castelvania S3, The Big Show Show S1, The coldest game Film, Paradise Beach Film, Brigada Costa del sol S1, The Crown S3, Vis à Vis S1 – S2 – S3 – S4.


Lip Dubbing - Netflix Productions

We perform Lip-sync translations of the following Netflix productions: Perdida – Scomparsa S1, Emily in Paris S1, Cobra Kai S1 – S2, Time Trap Film, Rita S5, DeadWind S2, Vis à Vis S5 (3 first episodes), Fauda S3, Desenfrenadas S1, Brews Brothers.