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over 20 years experience

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H2T Methodology®

Methodology guaranteed by the H2T® Quality Method - LIPSIE


To carry out each translation project we follow a precise operating method based on a systematic management of the tasks combined with a control procedure sanctioned by the H2T® quality label - LIPSIE Human Translation Technology.

How it works

The key points of the H2T® methodology

  • We practice the fundamentals of the PRINCE 2 method, the most effective and widespread Project Management methodology at global level: best practices that define the scope of the project, budget control, punctuality of deliveries, quality assurance, optimization of translations, management of unforeseen events.

  • We organize projects into 2 phases:

    • Explicit extrapolation of project information, technologies and resources.

    • Implicit determination of the tasks of the translators or other professionals involved, based on the degree of adaptability suggested by the client (precise constraints, such as, for example, the mandatory use in the translation or revision of precise keywords, limitation in the number of terms used and their position within sentences).

  • We divide orders into mini-projects thus obtaining: maximum flexibility and transparency (subdivision of deliveries systematically validated by the client), a high level of scalability (planning with subdivision into mini-projects for a constant evaluation of the work by the client).

  • We guarantee the quality of our translations until the complete approval by clients and their direct and indirect users: we always perform a free final re-reading of online/digital content and texts that will be in hard-copy format (brochures, editorial publications of all kinds); we treasure the constructive criticism of clients, providing, in record time, a new version of the texts, accompanied by the precise analysis of each critical point.

  • We use the best technologies to support our 3 macro-areas of expertise:

    • LIPSIE LANGUAGES technical translation

    • LIPSIE ENTERTAINMENT audiovisual translation

    • LIPSIE EDITION literary translation

Key Questions - Information Management - Mind Mapping

  • Purpose of the project
  • Perimeter of the project
  • Project constraints
  • Timing allowed
  • Degree of autonomy allowed
  • Availability of the various parties involved
  • Type of organizational structure
  • Risk management

Added value – Innovative Laboratory – Design Thinking

  • Cooperation with clients in the H2T® solution
  • Insertion of project constraints into translations
  • Collective intelligence and sharing of multi-sectoral, multidisciplinary and multilingual experiences
  • Prototyping of the H2T solution (test translations and technical feasibility tests)
  • Validation of the action plan (Human Resources, Technology)
  • Implementation of the solution (realization and delivery of translations)

Project Organization – Role of Stakeholders – People Experience

Client Team

  • Project Sponsor
  • Technical Manager
  • Quality Manager

Lipsie Team

  • Project Manager
  • Artistic Director
  • Technical Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Professional translators
  • Sworn Translators - Experts registered in the Register of Courts
  • Proofreader
  • Speaker
  • On-site or remote conference interpreter
  • Adapter – Subtitler
  • Copywriter – Editor
  • SEM/SEO Consultant
  • DTP Technician
  • IT Technician
  • WEB Technicians
  • Video Editor
  • Sound Engineer
  • Room Director – Actors

Project Structure – Project Management – Client Experience

Budget validation Design of the H2T Solution®
Confirmation of the planning Human Resource Management
Strategic choices Council for International Development
Functional choices Technology Implementation
Validation of delivery lots Performance conduct
Reception of works Delivery of work
Entry into operation Technical Support - Linguistic Support
Evaluation Areas for improvement

Our experience

The level of business maturity of our translation agency


2,500 satisfied clients: multi-sectoral, competitive and tailor-made quotes within 2 hours, urgent deliveries without tariff increase, punctuality in lead times, availability of translators, subtitlers, graphic and video technicians and Project Managers, even during weekends and at night (for example, for the translation of press releases in the Fashion field, during Fashion Weeks or for the launch of new collections).


Creation of added value: human translation, human revision, copywriting, transcreation, compliance with client commitments, post-editing management.


Forecasting of results: design thinking, sharing of experiences (collaborative working between our translators and translators outside our company), competitive spirit as a key point for growth (constant comparison with the level of services of our most valid competitors).


20 years of Lipsie experiential maturity: we provide ad hoc language solutions based on our experience and the prerogatives of our vast clientele; we create privileged collaborations with all the professionals who work for us (translators, copy, graphic designers, video-film editors, speakers, interpreters, experts in Webmarketing); we establish lasting relationships with clients, a "sustainability" in human and working relationships that leads to increased profitability for each of us; we tend to always want to exceed the objectives in sales growth and quality, not to boast about it but to motivate us to do better and better.