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"Our translation procedures, strategies and methods".


Our operating standards are based on rigorous project management and quality assurance and your own active involvement through agreed approval phases.   

Project Definition

  • Functional specifications
  • Technical specifications
  • Quotes/Delivery schedule.

Project Implementation

  • Style template definition
  • Glossaries management
  • Representative sample translation
  • Client’s approval of sample translation
  • Translation and making up of glossaries
  • Multi level revisions, with plain or comparative proof reading.


  • Target formatting
  • DeskTop Publishing
  • Translation report
  • Translation memory (Trados Translator’s Workbench) compiles a linguistic database that stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs or sentences. As a result, the same sentence never needs to be translated again. All of your translations and their source-language equivalents are thus collected.

Quality Assurance

  • Project management
  • Style template definitions/approval
  • Glossaries management/approval
  • Sample translation/implementation/approval
  • Lead times and delivery formats control
  • Feedback for continuous service improvement.