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over 18 years experience

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Our 3 centers of excellence

LIPSIE Translation Services: a fantastic flywheel for your reputational communication

  • 150 experienced translators

  • A full range of translation services

  • Leading translation agency in the era of the Reputation Economy

Lipsie - Technical, audiovisual and publishing translation agency

We offer you

  • Professional value and multi-sector translation services at competitive rates with the possibility of extra-urgent deliveries even on holidays and in out of work time slots.
  • Tailor-made language solutions with operational flow based on the H2T® Method for translations with uniqueness and consistency of messages.
  • Localizations and translations carried out by mother-tongue translators who are experts in the sector.

The benefits for you

  • Benefits because of value translations to develop your opportunities in accelerating international business thanks to the maturity of our services.
  • Taking care of the reputation of your company by relying on our proven savoir-faire thanks to our 3 centers of excellence: Technical Translations, Editorial Translations and Audiovisual Translations.
  • Optimization of your translations and integrated management costs in multimedia and multi-channel projects for your brand.

LIPSIE Languages
The technical translation center

Technical translation is regarded by linguists as a pragmatic act of translation. Opposite to humanistic translation, technical translation is more normalized and, consequently, leaves less freedom of action to the linguistic mediator.
LIPSIE Translation Agency follows a unique process in this sector, which includes translation services for technical-industrial, scientific and regulatory texts; the three sectors have the common feature of imposing a strong interpretative constraint on their readers.

    The texts in this category perform an instrumental and regulatory function. The data contained therein must remain perfectly intact in its translation.
    These are also strictly binding, medical-scientific texts have a purely cognitive function and require the translator to be consistent and rigorous in translating their content.
    These also impose precise obligations. Their translation implies clarity and uniqueness and a rigidly coded language.

In addition, the LIPSIE Agency distinguishes between current and specialist language, to ensure the appropriate terminology in all circumstances. Although technical and scientific words generally have a unique meaning (unlike the polysemy of current language), even in technical fields you can encounter examples of terminological polysemy (terms that carry multiple meanings).

LIPSIE Edizione
The Center of Humanistic-Editorial-Communicative Translation

Unlike technical translation, which is normalized and codified, humanistic-literary translation is difficult to objectify. In every literary genre, the LIPSIE quality process presupposes a re-reading phase that eliminates any ambiguity, since the misunderstanding can generate confusion and undermine the effectiveness of the messages.

Whether it is a literary work, marketing text or promotional message, the LIPSIE EDIZIONE team integrates all the instructions defined by the client: aspects related to the cultural paradigm, proper names (toponyms, anthroponyms, etc.), the maintenance of original terms (Anglicisms, Latinisms and more), lexical fields, adaptations (forms of courtesy, etc.), the construction of sentences (inversion, dislocation, anteposition, etc.), brand storytelling and any other orientation of the text. The editorial style to be followed in the translation of a book is agreed with the author. But, even if the client is a company, the guidelines and strategies related to them are maintained in the translation to convey his/her specific value identity, a key factor in the era of the Reputation Economy.

LIPSIE Entertainment
The Audiovisual Translation Center

With our suite of services aimed at cinema, TV and Social Networks, we are an accelerator of international business also in the audiovisual sector. Linguistic issues related to the launch of cinematographic and television works, extensive corporate promotions, the provision of subtitles, the adaptation of screenplays, dialogues and synopsis, are requests that we manage on a constant basis at our offices, for well-known international entities. Our experience in these sectors has ridden the wave of the arrival to digital and the intertwining of the network and the most popular social networks.

Our translation services are also ideal for those companies that, through audiovisual media, wish to give an innovative boost to their international reputation.