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Scientific Translations

Scientific translation services to open the horizons of human knowledge

Scientific medical translation

Being qualified linguists in the scientific fields and thus contributing to the evolution of knowledge and the distribution of new discoveries that broaden the horizons of the whole of humanity: this is one of the noblest missions to which we professional translators of the Leipzig Agency can aspire.

Traduzioni farmaci

Medical translations

The relationship between patient and medical science must be one of total transparency. Specifically, when linguistic borders have to be crossed in order to better cure a patient, the intervention of translators specialized in medical sciences is of fundamental importance. To enable this virtuous process, the LIPSIE scientific team works hard to provide translations of expert reports on drugs, patient information sheets, medical records, reports, clinical study protocols and even medical-pharmaceutical manuals. In order for the most avant-garde medicine to be facilitated in carrying out its healing function, speaking a single and benevolent universal language, we ensure our clients receive the faithful translation of reports, procedures, behavioral codes, but also and above all, scientific articles and popular medical texts.

studio traduzioni farmaceutiche

Translations to favor scientific development

Scientific evolution must be constantly fueled by an innovative drive based on cutting-edge research and experimentation. In this case it is necessary to be able to fully encourage the sharing of scientific knowledge. The Lipsie Agency faithfully translates the scientific articles that are published in the most renowned international magazines ("Nature", "Science" and "Cell").

Utility, uniqueness and originality of medical-scientific patents

We provide translations of scientific patents that may have chemistry, biology, pharmacology and biogenetics as their subject matter. In this case, we also know how to handle the translation of mechanical and medical-pharmaceutical patents to protect the "intellectual property" of researchers, who at a disciplinary level demonstrate the primacy of medicine and biology.

Science, medicine and law

The proponents of ethical communication have the obligation to speak in all the languages of the planet; this is why we produce numerous translations for them of the minutes of meetings of Ethics Committees (EC), which are accompanied by the corresponding draft agreements and urgent communications for any amendments.

Texts for human resources in the medical sector

Through our medical-scientific translation services, we contribute to the recruitment of new professionals in each of their related sectors at an international level. We translate curricula vitae and training manuals for medical and paramedical staff, but also letters from specialists for doctors administering treatment and requests for a single opinion.

Pharmacological translations

Required in the translation of drug technical data sheets and their instruction manuals, our Lipsie Agency is used to providing translations of monographic texts on pharmaceutical topics, biomedical articles data sheets, chemical and microbiological analyzes and documents for experimental clinical protocols on drugs.

Translation of leaflets with certificates of truthfulness for AIFA

The Lipsie leaflet translation service also includes the issuance of a certificate of truthfulness, certifying the full compliance of each translated version. With this formal act we ensure that our translations are carried out respecting the canons of truthfulness and correctness of the original texts. The method followed consists of a translation phase followed by a correction of the proofs, carried out by other technical translators with the same qualification. We receive these requests from Italian companies of parallel import of drugs from abroad. The import takes place upon approval by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) of the import authorization request. To the above-mentioned documentation, our customers must attach the translation of the package leaflets of foreign products, accompanied by the certificate of truthfulness issued by our translation agency.