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over 20 years experience

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IT translations

LIPSIE - Our IT translation services always meet your business needs

IT translation

Always the core business of our company, Lipsie IT translation and localization services concern the hard skills in the IT field that are the most requested by corporations.

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Localization Software and Hardware

  • ERP solutions (screenshots, online guides, user manuals, training manuals, corporate procedures, brochures, commercial presentations)
  • IT Management (management of IT infrastructure and customer-user requests, database management of configurations)
  • Instant messaging and IT security software (policies, user manuals, interfaces, directory software to manage the user lifecycles and their business rights)
  • Hardware and software devices (user manuals, product descriptions, brochures, interfaces)
  • Networking & System Administration (AS400, Linux, Unix, MySQL, Oracle)
  • Design software (Aerial cameras, flight planning, sensor management, post-processing complete open solutions on Windows® platform, GIS, 3D modeling)
  • Telecommunications (mobile telephony, protocols, digital telephone lines)
  • B2B Web Applications (Demand planning, logistics)
  • EDM systems (product information, workgroup systems and workflows)

Business Process Translations for ERP Solutions

Lipsie IT translations aimed at all business processes and related to the functions of:

  • Financial management (accounting, costs accounting, human resources, identification of long-term investment policies, strategic asset allocation and consequent definition of the reference benchmark)
  • Stock management (company logistics structure, multi-site distribution, outsourcing, etc.)
  • Purchasing management (customer relations, customer order processing, marketing, etc.)
  • Production management (partner relationships, supply chain, etc.)
  • Commercial management (CRM, B2B, B2C, B2E, etc.)
  • Supply Chain Management (procurement procedures and management, etc.)
  • Web marketing - E-business - Net Economy (CRM, B2B, B2C, B2E, ecc.)
  • E-procurement (procurement procedures and management, etc.)
  • Business intelligence - Business Performance Management (intermodulated statistics, decision making for a precise objective that derives from the vision and strategic management of a corporation - results of BI/BPM in Marketing & Sales)

Extensive experience in IT and telecommunication translations

The caliber of our translators, combined with the direct experience of our project managers (PricewaterhouseCoopers partners, SAP consultants, Movex consultants), allow us to be one of the rare firms in the technical translation market to provide IT translation services enhanced by skills directly acquired in international corporations. Our IT and telecom (ICT) translation services are designed to support business managers in implementing ERP with capabilities in inventory control, order tracking, customer services, finance and HR (human resources).

Reduced costs in telecommunication IT translations

Because of our knowledge in the IT - telecommunications industries and the use of world-leading solutions in multilingual content management systems, we are able to provide effective translation services in terms of linguistic consistency and uniformity. The use of stored translations allows, on average, the reinsertion of more than 40% of the texts.