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E-commerce translations

LIPSIE - E-commerce website localization services and SEO indexing

Why translate and locate a Website?

With the advent and spreading of new digital technologies, companies and consumers are experiencing an unprecedented evolution in the ways of offering or finding information, selling or buying products and services. Website translation is one of the most effective tools to rapidly, effectively and cost-effectively extend your business.

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E-commerce, SEO and Digital Content translations

  • Translation of Magento sites
  • Translation of WordPress and Woocommerce sites
  • Translation of Prestashop sites
  • Translation of blogs
  • Translation of Web Content
  • Translation of Google advertisements
  • Translation of Amazon descriptions
  • Translation of Facebook posts
  • Translation of Istagram captions
  • SEO multi-lingual optimization
  • Translation of Social Media

"Turn-key" website translation

Many companies, entities and organizations are aware of the economic benefits associated with translating their websites. Our company can handle multiple formats and content that is constantly evolving.
We provide a complete website translation service capable of translating directly into programming languages (.asp, .htm (l), .php, .xml, java, etc.), platforms (Magento, SalesForce, Prestashop, WordPress and Woocommerce, etc.) and to protect the correctness of all formats during the translation process.

SEO Oriented translations

Furthermore, the translations of e-commerce sites are carried out by qualified professional translators, competent in the marketing language and in the various SEO terminologies so that your messages retain value and incisiveness. The Internet is the most efficient market in the world and the translation of a website is an essential investment for those who wish to establish themselves in the global market.