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over 20 years experience

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Audiovisual and entertainment translations

LIPSIE - With Lipsie, entertainment has no linguistic barriers

Range of audiovisual translations for entertainment

Our audiovisual translation services regard a wide range of documentation, media and products related to the global entertainment industry.

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Audiovisual translations

  • Synopsis of animated films and feature films
  • Press kits of cinematographic launches
  • Production notes
  • Mini-websites of movies and feature films
  • Screenplays
  • Interactive advertising products
  • Lip Sync
  • Simil Sync
  • Sub-titles

Leaders in the audiovisual sector provide on-site training for our translators

Our clients in the audiovisual entertainment industry are the main protagonists of national and international animation - The Walt Disney Company and Rainbow Group (Winx Club, 44 Gatti in collaboration with the Antoniano of Bologna, Regal Academy) have used our translation services for over 10 years and naturally we are proud of this. The team dedicated to the translation and adaptation of audiovisuals uses a language that entertains, involves and, if necessary, pleases the modern public, composed of increasingly heterogeneous and demanding auditors, looking for new genres of entertainment, ideas and emotions, for a communication that is at times interactive, online or offline. Our caliber in translating audiovisual products goes beyond the excellent training of our linguists. At important clients, we organize on-site internships during which our translators can draw directly on the immense know-how of the professionals of production studios, unquestionably sublimating their knowledge in this field.

Lipsie technologies for subtitle and dubbing translations

R&D is at the heart of our translation agency's excellence. For the main languages, our technicians have developed a clearly effective Speech-to-Text application, which manages the recognition of spoken texts in English - Italian - French - German - Spanish - Portuguese. Its function is to reduce costs and transcription times by 50 to 80%. Our tool is enhanced with a feature that allows you to pre-set time-codes for subtitling and dubbing.

The constant search for innovative solutions for audiovisual translations has led us to develop a new application, this time Text-to-Speech, which allows us, using .srt subtitle files, to generate, at low cost, dubbing with synthesized voices, with the option of choosing between the different synthetic voice actors, according to the criteria present in human dubbing. Through a series of parameters, this tool determines the number of synthetic voice actors used, according to the number of speakers in the video. According to the user experience of our customers, the quality of the result is equal to 75-80% of what is obtained with human speakers.

Examples of native speakers for training courses