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over 20 years experience

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Legal translations

LIPSIE: precision, punctuality and non-disclosure in the translation of legal documents

Faithful and confidential legal translations

We offer you our professionalism in the field of legal translations, ensuring precise, punctual and managed services in total confidentiality for a wide range of legal and contractual documents.

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Translation services of corporate legal texts, civil procedural documents and criminal law texts

  • Contracts
  • Sworn translations
  • Certified translations
  • Corporate articles of association
  • Legal summons
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Powers of attorney
  • Reports
  • Notarial documents
  • Insurance appraisals
  • Legislation
  • Regulations
  • Control standards
  • Inheritances
  • Labor disputes
  • Personal data documents
  • Accounts receivables
  • Pension documentation

Translation of contracts and corporate agreements

Translating a contract implies an established competence in legal matters. Translators who are experts in legal texts have the duty to act according to this configuration: to identify the most appropriate technical terminology; to pay the utmost attention to the linguistic "false friends" present, especially between Romantic and Germanic languages; to understand when apparently equivalent sentences can recall different legal assumptions in the Regulations and Decrees evoked during a translation; limit the uncertainty with which some contractual figures are defined, using an introductory list of contracts to determine each relevant legal figure.

Self-certified translation services with a certificate of accuracy

By choosing this service, our clients receive translations accompanied by a certificate of accuracy attesting to the fidelity of the translation compared to the content of the original documents. Only the translation that bears the stamp, signature and data of the Lipsie legal representative at the bottom is considered suitable and certified. (Legal translation service used for example for the parallel import of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and cosmetics)

Sworn translations, sworn statements and apostilles

Our Lipsie Legal Team includes a circle of linguists in the role of Experts, appointed Technical Consultants and Technical Consultants of the Public Prosecutor's Office. These professionals of legal documents, registered with Italian and foreign courts, in addition to carrying out accurate and truthful legal translations, are available to our customers to certify the protocols at the competent courts.

Legal advice on regulations in force in international markets

In combination with the actual legal translation, we provide, thanks to the help of our law firm, legal consultancy services for the drafting of texts and their adaptation with respect to the regulations in force in other countries. For example, for technical manuals, corporations that are opening new foreign branches, require legal support to comply with local legislation aspects such as the disposal of equipment, safety of use and the composition of the raw materials of each component.