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Website Localization

Website localization and webmarketing services

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Localization and Webmarketing

Lipsie has a vast and qualified experience in the localization of Internet sites without limitations in the type of language, product sector, service, purpose and topic to promote brands and products through the web and social media. During the twenty years of development of this sector, we have gained the trust of hundreds of Web agencies specialized in the management and development of various activities related to the Web.

A representative example is our partnership with Publicis Webformance-Proximedia, now one of the French-Belgian leaders in the field of digital communication for SMEs. In over 10 years of collaboration, we have participated in the localization of sites for customers such as Cartier, Faurecia, Cartesis, the Municipality of Paris and Geodis.

  • Partnership with leading Webmarketing Agencies
  • Translators and copywriters experienced in the mechanisms and tools related to website indexing
  • Cross-use of cutting-edge tools to master every factor for analyzing visitor behavior, for strategies through content marketing, pay per click, SEO and social media marketing

Localization of content, communication and messages

Language localization is a fundamental support to achieve the expected results through a process of adapting the displayed and hidden content of a web page. Identity, presence, visibility, reputation are the 4 cornerstones on which the webmarketing activity revolves and on which Lipsie bases the drafting of its translations. The care dedicated in the choice of each expression for landing pages, ads, metadescription etc., gives quality to every translated content, favoring a potential conversion rate and the acquisition of customers or prospects. This explains why, for web agencies, the choice of an ideal language partner does not coincide at all with the search for the cheapest offer, with the lowest price "cost what it costs".... Those who know the costs of non-quality in the translations of marketing content, being supported by a partner with translation services performed with all the trappings, is not a superfluous luxury but, an essential must.



Translation agency Lipsie is able to ensure excellent results in positioning on the Internet because its staff knows the mechanisms that regulate this commercial engine compared to the main search engines. The localization and the consequent indexing of your website is a sine qua non condition to ensure your business achieves a fruitful presence on the web.