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over 20 years experience

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Translation of Technical Healthcare Manuals

Since 2010 - Translation of technical brochures and manuals (inverter, ASI, medical imaging) into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian and Swedish.

1.000.000 words translated

Legal, Sworn translations

Since 2005 - Translation of legal documents (contracts, agreements, etc.) and technical documents (catalogs, product sheets) into English, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian and Spanish.

800.000 words translated

Audiovisual Translations for Young People

Since 2005 - Direct translations for entertainment of scripts, themed magazines and texts related to the Magicland Park (Winx Club Magazine - Superfairies - over 200 scripts / episodes - Winx Club and Regal Academy) in English and French.

1.200.000 words translated

Cultural, Editorial Translations

Since 2007 - Translation and proofing of volumes, monographs, encyclopedic collections and other books mainly in the art and culture sector. Translations also of private writings related to the translated works. Languages covered: French, English, Spanish and Dutch.

1.500.000 words translated

Technical-Legal Translations

Since 2007 - In the aircraft systems and equipment sector, translation of technical specifications, brochures, chamber of commerce certificates, articles of association, documents for tenders in English and European Spanish and South American variants.

800.000 words translated

Scientific Translations for Universities

Since 2018 - Translation of Internet sites for the Faculties of Science, Classical and Modern Literature, Medicine and their constant updating - Translation of scientific articles by numerous researchers.

1.000.000 words translated

High Gastronomy Translations

Since 2018 - English, Spanish and Arabic translation of recipes prepared by the great starred Chefs expert in pastry and chocolate. Translation of ingredient lists, food product labels. For Arabic labels in vector PDF format.

500.000 words translated

IT & Financial Translations

Since 2014 - Translations in the Agri-food sector concerning product databases + SAP functional and technical specifications. Financial translations (Annual Reports) + DTP of the translated texts.

600.000 words translated

Audio-visual translations

Since 2011 - Translations in the Entertainment sector in different languages, aimed at promoting film and television productions (press releases, synopsis, press kits, etc.).

500.000 words translated

Cultural Tourism Translations

Since 2016 - Translation of tourist-cultural contents of Web pages into English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, commercial brochures and legal documentation of various kinds.

500.000 words translated

Medical Devices Translations

Since 2017 - French translation of over 100 technical manuals related to computerized diagnostic imaging equipment, in FrameMaker format.

1.000.000 words translated

ICT Translations

Since 2004 - Translations of various technical documents relating to computerized graphic systems solutions for management, design and production in the main industrial segments.

80.000 words translated

Marketing & Financial Translations

Since 2005 - Translation of marketing texts into French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. Translation of financial practices into English (reports, agreements with shareholders, etc.).

250.000 words translated

Technical Building Translations

Since 2018 - Translation of product references for the rationalization of technical nomenclatures for its 11 branches around the world (France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Portugal).

300.000 words translated

Legal & Financial translations

Since 2019 - Translations into English and French of legal and administrative practices with sworn translations and apostille services, even of an extremely urgent nature.

800.000 words translated

Marketing & Audio-visual Translations

Since 2017 - Translations in the Fragrances and Decoration sector of marketing/promotional content (voice-overs, presentations, trainings, socials content) into English, French and Italian.

500.000 words translated

Medical & Legal Translations

Since 2018 - certified translation services (10 European languages into Italian) of package leaflets whose accuracy certificate AIFA certifies that what has been translated mirrors the content of the original document.

500.000 words translated

Technical Food Packaging Translations

Since 2017 - Technical translations of manuals for industrial machinery from English into French, with DTP treatment in Framemaker and Autocad formats (industrial drawings).

300.000 words translated

IT & Marketing Translations

Since 2021 - ICT translations in the eProcurement field, both into Spanish and Italian, of a software, a corporate website and marketing content such as case studies, video scripts and brochures.

250.000 words translated

Media & Editorial Translations

Since 2021 - Pod cast translations for Spotify with stories for the very young about Greek mythology, into German, Mexican, English, Brazilian - audio guide translations for the cities Paris, Brussels and London.

200.000 words translated