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Neologisms and translations with the Covid-19 pandemic

The language of Covid:

  • Coronavirus Linguistic Hub

  • Multilingual Covid-19 project

  • Pandemic-specific translations

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Coronavirus Linguistic Hub

While the global health crisis continues to rage, the most authoritative publisher of dictionaries in the world, Oxford Languages has decided to engage even at this critical juncture, to improve learning and cultural distribution, elaborating and spreading the knowledge and evolution of languages all over the world:

  • Specifically, the linguistic hub created specifically for COVID-19 offers easy access to all the latest Oxford Languages research and resources created to support researchers, students and professional translators that make up the international language communities.
  • Through this ever-changing language center it is possible to share insights and analysis on the lexical impact of Covid-19, its essential terminology that turns into translation into the main languages of the world, educational solutions to facilitate and support distance learning, information on how to remotely access the content of their rich and comprehensive dictionary.

Multilingual Covid-19 project

During the coronavirus pandemic, which is unfortunately still ongoing, each language must absorb the abrupt impact of various neologisms and scientific technical terminology while scientists and politicians are engaged in transmitting essential information to their country in an effective and timely manner:

  • With the spread of COVID, in increasingly densely populated and linguistically diverse countries, it has become even more urgent to provide crucial information in various languages so that the affected populations are able to understand everything they need to know to protect themselves in the vortex of this global health crisis.
  • The importance of establishing a standard lexicon around Covid-19 is recognized as being a way as to be able to communicate the right information with lucidity and precision. Oxford Languages has made these translations freely available to support local efforts and provide critical health tips to various categories of people around the planet. The perfect translations proposed may also be of interest to those who wish to study how different languages are evolving because of the pandemic.

Pandemic-specific translations

Translated expressions include scientific terms related to COVID-19 from the fields of medicine, biology and epidemiology. The glossary also includes words and phrases that refer to government actions intended to control the spread of the virus and reduce its harmful effects on a social and economic level. Translations in each language are available for download in the form of a pdf. The Multilingual Covid-19 project is currently still ongoing and will be updated with new words and new languages also in the coming months of 2022.