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over 18 years experience

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"GET Profitable Translation services to advance your business".

Reduced Localization Costs and High Quality

  • Keeping and Improving Text Effectiveness
  • Better Productivity, Thanks to Specialized Softwares
  • Reporting and Project Management

'Active' Knowledge

Special skills and knowledge are needed when translating and localizing commercial materials. It is much more than a simple translation, it's a case of adaptating a text to a particular marketplace. Translators and proof-readers are able to perfectly understand the source language message and choose equivalent messages that will be equally appealing in the target language. According to us, these kinds of results can only be achieved when the translation experts know the subject, the area, the marketplace and most importantly, the audience. That’s why, our customers have congratulated us, confirming that our translations are even better than their source texts

Seamless Collaboration

To achieve a successful localization project the partnership between customers and Lipsie experts must be seamless. In order to provide the right and timely input, for large volume and multilingual projects, we deliver to our customers' weekly progress reports. Moreover, it is possible, at any time, to contact your Lipsie project manager for changes, updates or any comments regarding the work in progress.

Specialized Tools

Collaborating with us you will realize how our 'practical know-how' and use of CAT Softwares (Computer Aided Translation) pay handsome dividends in the quality of the end result. 

In fact, using these kinds of specialist tools like Trados©, it is possible to compile translation memories made of a specific database, which is related to one or more translations and previous documents. This linguistic data is ready to be used in your future projects, minimizing, once and for all, job time and product localization costs, without compromise in quality or linguistic homogeneity.

In addition, our proven experience shows that using translation memories in upgrade documentation projects (e.g. upgrade of users’ manuals, technical manuals, catalogue, etc.) over 60% of the text will be automatically replaced, which means a remarkable time and budget optimization.