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over 18 years experience

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Economic, cultural and functional localization of texts

With Lipsie localizations, expand your market and improve the image of your company.

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  • Preserving the intrinsic values of the message
  • Improve productivity with the right tools
  • Project reporting and auditing

Localization of texts

Semiotic-linguistic localization requires both creative and communicative competences on the part of the translator. More than just a translation, it is a complete adaptation of a text to a new target. The role of the translator is to fully understand the message of the language of origin and to use an equally effective linguistic vector, in accordance with the economic-socio-cultural references of the new user. Localization also concerns the adaptation of advertising campaigns and dubbing of films or television series.


Localization Tools

For localization services for less creative purposes, such as the localization of IT software, the use of SDL Trados Studio© or similar CAT tools allows you to organize and store the work performed by translators. Through the use of this linguistic heritage, capitalization is made on the work carried out so far, costs and localization times are reduced and the value and uniformity of present and future translations is ensured.


For the total success of a localization project, the client and Lipsie must be able to communicate and provide their contribution in a constant and punctual way. In extended and multilingual projects we provide clients with a weekly report on the progress of localization work. In addition, you can contact the translation project manager by phone or e-mail, informing him/her about any changes, updates and comments related to the work in progress and its final outcome.