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over 18 years experience

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"Lipsie: best-of-breed translation solution provider".

“Active” Linguistic Solutions for Translations

Mission, Vision and Values

  • To deliver highly effective and innovative language technology and integrated globalization services everywhere.
  • To grow our enviable culture that sustains relationships with clients.
  • To be recognized and respected worldwide for our outstanding value.

Technical Translation Fields

To meet these needs Lipsie offers a full range of linguistic solutions for translation and localization in IT & Telecommunication, PR/Marketing & Communication, Entertainment, Legal, Press & Editorial, Industrial & Technical and all Business Processes (Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, etc.).

Quality of All-in-One Translation Services by LIPSIE

Whatever your project type (quick turnaround or large volume), the Translation Agency Lipsie has the right resources and experience to handle it. We ensure high quality and accuracy at every step, making translations and linguistic revisions in the major languages of the world. Lipsie can easily translate into multiple languages at the same time, and manages each translation so that it would be identical to the original.

Extensive Industry Experience

Our translators' extensive technical background together with our project manager’s high professionalism acquired working directly in each sector we operate, sets us apart in the broad translation world. This 'active knowledge' enables us to provide high quality translation and localization services.