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over 18 years experience

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"LIPSIE: leading provider of document translation services".

Translation Services

We are a leading provider of document translation services for small and mid-sized businesses around the globe. Based on your own requirements, we can offer a complete range of very accurate, while quite diversified, language solutions:


This is an all encompassing service: quality and fully homogeneous translation, glossaries management, style template definition, overall revision at different levels (spelling, grammar, syntax, style and wording) and with simple and/or comparative proof reading, translation memory (Trados), as well as a translation completion final report.


The localization service is not limited to simple translation but the text is also fully adapted to conform cultural differences of the target country, for instance, some accounting rules may differ from country to country: Our translators’ professional background enables us to guarantee full conformity to local specifications. 

'Express' Translation Service

Mainly for internal use and urgent documents: E-mails, reports, press releases, conference agendas, house organs, web site urgent updating, prompt document revisions, etc.. This instant and reliable service is based on the same standard of quality of full-fledged projects.

Summary and Translation

Summary to be followed by translation.

On-line Services

DSL Internet Access allows our translators to operate on-line. Revisions, new releases, software updating are handled directly on your server. Lead times are thus kept to a bare minimum.

Transcription & Captions

The former corresponds to the simple written reproduction of audio contents (audio and video). The latter deals with the written translation of videocassettes audio content, with full integration of captions within the screen layout. We handle the following audio-visual material: Vhs Pal/Secam/Ntsc cassettes, Digital/Analogic Betacam SP cassettes, CD Rom, etc.

Desk Top Publishing

This service covers the whole range from text reproduction to document elaboration:

  • Over-Type: Text reproduction in the target language by direct over-typing within the original Office software.
  • Data Integration: Layout of translated texts within predefined page templates, using dedicated publishing software. This works is always closely monitored by the translator who will check for errors (hyphens, typos, etc.).
  • Page Layout Design: New layout creation to conform to your requirements and using your preferred software.