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over 18 years experience

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"Our online linguistic support (OLS)".

Just in Case, Here are Our Useful Supports

When reading an important job document how often did you meet difficulties in understanding the piece as a whole, or, when translating from your language into Italian or French how often weren’t you able to do it in a truly professional way?   

Useful tools

To help you, on this site, we are creating some useful supports just in case you need to know the meaning of some specific terms or even to translate freely and skillfully a text, and much more. 

Free Express Translation

On this site, currently available, is a Free Express Translation—a proven service with more than 5,000 satisfied requests since its introduction in March, 2003 —that is translation by our professional translators (not by an automatic translator) and delivered in a maximum of 24 hours. 

Glossaries & Dictionaries

On this site, in the Support section you can also find a set of technical glossaries for each area of our expertize (IT/Telecommunication, Marketing/Communication, Press/Editorial, Industrial/Technical etc.) and useful on-line technical glossaries.


Moreover, we plan to publish a Forum, where it will be possible to exchange useful information about the ‘world of translation’.